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MARCH 13TH WEBINAR OPEN BANKING: IS IT GOOD OR BAD FOR CANADIANS?  In January 2020, Canada’s Minister of Finance office released a much-anticipated report representing its findings into the merits...

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We held our first webinar on November 21st and were thrilled than more than 100 people were excited enough about the topic to register. It was an excellent and engaging conversation around the...

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WEBINAR: Open Banking in Canada

Open banking is coming. And it will have an enormous impact on the global financial system. While the conversation has begun in Canada, a recent report by EY says we’re lagging behind Australia, US and China in preparedness in spite of a Senate committee report urging Ottawa drive forward with a framework to facilitate as soon as possible. Come to our Webinar on November 21st to learn more.

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The Merits of Open Banking

The Advisory Committee to the Open Banking Review submitted a detailed report to the Government of Canada in February 2019. “A Review into the Merits of Open Banking” outlines the ways in which open banking can promote a vibrant and more diverse ecosystem of financial services providers in the financial sector and offer innovative services that benefit Canadian consumers and small businesses.

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A Definition of Open Banking in Canada

At our recent roundtable working group at the 2019 Canadian Open Banking Expo in Toronto, experts in banking, fintech, lending, regulatory, payments, education and finance came together to and to define the key players from the financial services industry. We also worked together to synthesize and amalgamate a simple, inclusive statement of what Open Banking means to us as Canadians.

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