2019 Webinar Series: Open Banking in Canada

Updated: Feb 3

Open banking is coming. And it will have an enormous impact on the global financial system. While the conversation has begun in Canada, a recent report by EY says we’re lagging behind Australia, US and China in preparedness in spite of a Senate committee report urging Ottawa to drive forward with a framework to facilitate as soon as possible.

Join us for a webinar on November 21st, where we will provide a clear picture of the current state of open banking in Canada outline the potential that a Canadian model for open banking could mean for our economy, the financial industry and most importantly the consumer.

Leading this webinar will be Christian Clapton, a director of the Open Banking Canada Initiative (OBIC) with 20 years of experience in the financial industry. He will be joined by OBIC co-director Bhupinder Singh Saini who is a key player in the open banking movement both in the UK and globally.

The webinar will provide you with a deeper understanding of what open banking is and what it means for Canadians. We will engage with attendees in a conversation about how a Canadian model of open banking could work within your own organization. We’ll also share resources that will assist you in forming your own go forward open banking strategy.


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