Open Banking Initiative Canada (OBIC) exists to lead the way in the development of a market-driven open banking framework in Canada. We’re gathering great minds in finance, technology and regulation, creating a groundswell that will be a force for good, giving Canadian consumers choice and control over their financial data. Our open banking ecosystem is set to launch in 2020. This ecosystem will evaluate technology and standards that best suit our economy and will foster a trust framework between fintechs, banks and regulatory bodies in support of the Canadian consumer.


To be a single voice for the financial services industry that represents the viewpoints of the key participants – consumers, fintech, banks and industry experts.



To launch a proof of concept in 2020 that will be designed to demonstrate a fundamental change in the financial services landscape of Canada.


We hosted our first roundtable discussion at the 2019 Canadian Open Banking Expo in Toronto. Key experts from across Canada met to exchange insights and opinions that will have a tremendous impact on the financial services industry in our country.
These experts include:

Justin Adler

Co-founder & COO, NorthOne

Matthew McGuire

Co-founder & Practice Director, The AML Shop

Chris Marriner

Mortgage Broker, Centum

Rossitsa Yalamova

Professor, Dhillon School of Business (Finance)

Matthew Burgoyne

Partner, McLeod Law LLP

Bhupinder Singh Saini

Director, Open Banking Initiative Canada

Christian Clapton

Director, Open Banking Initiative Canada